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Working From Home? These 7 Best Home Office Accessories Will Boost Productivity Without Aching Your Body or Tiring Your Mind

With Covid-19 causing most of us to work from home and attend meetings online since March 2020, a few of us have been taken aback by this sudden change as our home offices were not fully equipped with appliances and products that we use daily in our offices that help increase our work productivity. Here are 10 best home office accessories that help increase productivity while working from home.

The most important part of a home office is a workspace dedicated to just our work needs. Getting a desk that caters to your needs is a vital part of how productive you are when working from home as you spend a large part of the day sitting there. Getting a desk that is large in length and width helps you arrange all your necessary appliances at home.

As you spend most of the day sitting in one place, a good chair is important for you to avoid back pains as this may affect the productivity of your work rate. Getting an ergonomic chair will help reduce the risks of this back pain as it provides extra support to our back and necks while working.

Everyone should have a 3 in 1 printer at home as you can print documents that require your signature and you can send it back to your clients with the scan feature in the printer. This reduces the hassle of going out and giving your clients certain documents which are time-consuming and also less productive.

Most of our meetings have become online through platforms like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. With these online meetings, most of us are required to turn our cameras and mics on which is why a good webcam and a headset that has a good mic is important to make sure that we look presentable and our voice is clear to the other people in the meeting.

Some of our workstations may not have a lot of natural light which is why ambient lighting such as LED lights help us increase productivity as it will make us feel more comfortable as we spend the entirety of our day at our workstation.

For your computer setups, a dual monitor setup helps increase productivity as it makes multitasking much easier because you can check your emails or daily tasks while completing the rest of your workload. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse also helps tremendously as it provides you comfortability while working as it provides support to your wrist while working which helps in typing faster which will increase our productivity during work.

Lastly, you should have a sufficient amount of extension cables available to you at your workstation to charge your electronic appliances such as your phone, laptop and other electronic appliances. This increases productivity during work as it helps you avoid any unnecessary problems during work such as your appliances running out of battery.

With these 7 office accessories, your productivity while working from home will definitely increase as all these accessories make you feel more comfortable and make working from your own home much easier. Let’s shop for office supplies with U Trading!