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Let’s be honest; how many of you believe that an organised office has little to no impact on employee productivity? Well, it turns out that it has an elephantine influence on your productivity! The sight of clutter actually triggers a stress response because your brain perceived that there is more work to do. So, aside from being visually pleasing, an organised office and workstation actually helps to reduce stress levels as it gives you a sense of control and boosts your efficiency. If you have been wondering how you can improve your productivity, then give these office storage solutions a go:

1. Say goodbye to office junk

First things first, you absolutely need to purge your office of junk to free up some space that will allow you to properly organise your office. Start by picking a corner to declutter and proceed to categorise your junk into categories like “recycle,” “shred,” or “donate.” This will make it that much easier to clean up the mess as well as ensuring you have a plan of action to follow through on what becomes of the broken or unused junk that has long collected dust in the office.

2.Create zones in the office

Speaking of categorising, creating zones in your office to help your employees and the office be more organised. For instance, it is useful to set up a designated spot for incoming junk, the pantry, supply room, workspace as well as non-work space. Once everyone is aware of where everything is and where they are supposed to go when they need something (like a cup of coffee), you will see that traffic in the office will be smoother and more cohesive.

3. Invest in trays, shelves, and containers

Our office supplies need their designated space too and believe us when we say, it will elevate your productivity tremendously. How many times have you been flustered because you could not locate a document amongst the mountain of paper on your table? Or, how often has scattered stationeries or mismatched receipts set you back in completing your task? By organizing your papers in a two-tray system, keeping your receipts in a container and organizing these items on a shelf, you will never have to stress over the mess ever again.

4.Have a filing system and label them

But, there is an art to proper office storage solutions. Naturally, offices are filled with files and one of the best ways to organise them is to create a filing system such as “Project A,” “Human Resource Documents,” or “Grievances.” By labeling your files (and stationary organiser), it will save you the hassle of going through every file or folder when you need to search for a particular document or information. Additionally, you never have to worry about a document being misplaced ever again.

Wow, after sharing these tips with you, we have an itch to organise our office too! So, if you are looking for a team-building exercise, why not come up with an exercise like, “The best team to formulate an office storage solution that maximises productivity get one extra vacation day.” Let’s shop for filing products from U Trading!