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Follow these office chairs buying guide to save yourself the backache

Buying an office chair? It sounds like an easy task. But, make the wrong purchase and you might just live to regret it. In fact, choosing the right office chair is important, especially when you spend the better part of your day glued to the chair. The wrong chair could potentially have a detrimental impact on your health and productivity. So, save yourself the excruciating backache by following these office chairs buying guide:

1.Decide on the type of chair

Computer chair? Executive chair? Stacking chair? With an array of options for you to choose from, it is best to decide on the type of chair from the get-go to help you narrow your options and cut down your shopping time. This also includes the material of the chair (fabric or leather) and do not forget to measure your office table or workspace because the size of the chair does matter!

2.Comfort features are necessary

Did you know that most employees spend roughly 10 hours a day sitting down for work alone? With such long hours, it would be wise for you to not forego comfort features such as armrests and a headrest. Some, though more expensive, office chairs are also ergonomically designed to provide the very best performance and comfort to customers.

3.And so are adjustable features

But, if an ergonomic chair is out of your budgeted price range, then do look into chairs that offer adjustable features. Have you ever noticed how more productive and efficient we are when we are feeling comfortable? From an adjustable height to reclining features, to adjustable headrest and armrest, these comfort features, you better believe that all of these features will contribute to your (work) mood.

4.Don’t cast lumbar support aside

Lumbar support is often overlooked. But, try to recall the last time you experienced a backache; where did it hurt? The lumbar, or your lower back, region! Your lumbar spine is naturally curved inwards, but, it flattens when we sit for long periods of time, especially when you slouch. This, will eventually put a strain on your lower back, impact your posture and weakens the lower structure of your lower spine. So, if you are willing to splurge, then invest in lumbar support.

5.Try as many chairs as you can

Before you shortlist your options and even when you are merely browsing for office chairs, do not shy away from giving them a test run. After all, what better way to ensure your money’s worth (and comfort) than to test it out before you give the salesperson the thumbs up and make the purchase? It also does not hurt to ask for a second opinion because we get it, it can be difficult to make a choice when we are graced with many excellent options.

Now that we have shared with these office chairs buying guide, start doing your research pronto!  Remember, choosing the right office chair is an investment that benefits your health, especially your back. Here is some quality office furniture from U Trading!